Our main goal is to promote the Milly Mally brand, so we place great emphasis on the originality and uniqueness of the products we offer.


All designs branded with the Milly Mally brand are designed according to their own concept, which is why we can respond to the needs and changing market trends on an ongoing basis.

Attention to detail

Taking care of our clients, we try to constantly improve our products together with our project group and every two years they gain a new graphic design.

What distinguishes us from
the competition?

Milly Mally products are a combination of quality and a reasonable price, this approach allows us to reach a large number of recipients.

A brief history of

Our company was founded in 2007 under the name Milly Mally. Along with the development of the company, we have transformed into a new form of business, changing the name to PM Investment Group. From the very beginning, we were a family company to which, in time, the Friends also came. Since the world of toys and children's articles was known to us long before 2007, we knew perfectly well what the customer's needs were. We decided to use our knowledge and fill this gap. At the beginning, the main subject of our activity were strollers. With time, we expanded our offer and the ``family`` of Milly Mally came into products such as: travel beds, cradles and cradles for babies, cross-country and three-wheeled bikes, scooters, rides, high chairs, rocking horses, prams for dolls, car seats and many other.

Opinions of our clients

Undoubtedly our cross-country bikes are our hit. They have gained a wide audience and satisfied small users. The best proof for these words is the award we received in 2015, ``Choice of Parents``. This product was obtained by the ``Duplo`` running bike. An excellent idea, a sense of good taste, characteristic designs and excellent quality are something that we have distinguished and revolutionized the market. We conquered it in Poland very quickly, and in time you could also find the Milly Mally brand in the European Union. Below are some reviews that we received from our satisfied customers (original spelling).

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